Valentine’s Day Limited Gift The Beauty of Eternal Galaxy Rose


Beautiful starry sky, Milky Way rose, the beginning of romance, for the one you love the most.
Galaxy Rose is booked for a limited time. No other gift can compare!
The charming Galaxy Rose is the first gift for Valentine’s Day 2021
Each rose is uniquely handmade and delicate
A completely unique gift, no other gift can compare!
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1. The rose flower preservation products are made of high-quality rose materials, high-quality flowers and excellent transparent glass, and are made by skilled technicians.
2. Bright colors, the flowers will never fade, and the shelf life is long.
3. Different meanings of different colors are more meaningful
4. The best choice for holiday gifts
5. Scope of application: Valentine’s Day, holiday gifts, etc.
How to keep:
1. Do not expose the fresh rose flowers to strong light or overheating.
2. The immortal flowers are very delicate. Do not touch frequently.
3. Do not water or put the pink preserved flowers under direct sunlight.
4. If there is dust on the preserved flowers, you can use a hair dryer to gently blow it with cold air.
5. If the humidity is high, do not expose the flowers to the air for a long time.
Packing includes: metal torch mini gold furnace graphite:
-1x red rose flower
-1 wooden base
-1 LED strip
-1x glass dome
-1 Protective box and sponge
Dimensions: 22 cm high X 11.5 cm wide


Hypoallergenicity: allergic to flowers or roses? It does not matter, our Galaxy Rose will not cause your allergies, because the rose’s living cells have been removed during the production process, so it is safe.

Environmental protection: Our plant and production process are 100% hygienic and environmentally friendly; every step of our method of making and preserving Galaxy Rose uses ecological and biodegradable technologies to ensure no waste and a healthy life cycle environment.

Fully recyclable: Unfortunately, every beginning is the beginning of the end, which is natural. At the end of their life cycle, your Galaxy roses can be fully recycled, so you can mail them to us, because the Galaxy roses will be recycled to protect the health of the planet.

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